Why Customized Care Plans Matter

The limits of a nursing home or residential care facility are obvious. Often they are quiet, lonely places, where seniors are parked in wheelchairs in front of televisions, or listlessly staring out the windows. What are they thinking about? Are they remembering their former lives of meaning and joy, filled with community events and busy routines? In choosing to pursue in-home caregiving rather than a facility, many seniors and their families soundly reject those unpleasant scenarios. Surely an in-home caregiver will be better. That certainly won’t happen to them.

Unfortunately, many caregivers are untrained, unprofessional, and frankly, uninterested in providing a customized care plan. Whatever the diagnosis, whether it be severe Parkinson’s or just a simple and mild decline in motor skill functioning, the prescription is too often the same: a “friendly enough” companion, someone who perhaps dusts or cleans, maybe even a person who remembers to remind the client once in awhile to take their heart medicine.

You and your loved one can do better. A professional caregiver, trained and coached in the nuances of geriatrics and geriatric care, can offer real help in assisting a senior negotiate the challenges of daily living, and help chart their future path. A senior struggling with dementia needs particular interventions to mitigate their symptoms, different from the senior who faces Parkinson’s. And a high functioning senior who simply needs a second set of eyes to make sure the stove is off, and a ride to the dry cleaner’s certainly does not require the hands-on care that a debilitated, disoriented Alzheimer’s patient should expect.

A word to the wise? All caregiving companies are not created equal. A professional agency will offer a customized caregiving plan created by a licensed nursing specialist. It will be implemented by trained, certified caregivers who can distinguish between Parkinson’s and personality, dementia from the day to day forgetfulness we all experience. When it comes to the health, happiness and comfort of your senior, quality counts.