Activities of Daily Living: It’s the Little Things

Going to the supermarket. The pharmacy. The dry cleaner. The list of places all of us frequent in a given week is long and detailed. None of it seems memorable, or particularly important, until we realize we’re out of our favorite tomato sauce, or want to stop into that charming clothing shop downtown to see if they’ve received their new seasonal items yet. Furthermore, think of all the familiar faces we see! The butcher. The gas station attendant. The post office clerk. Some we know by name, some we simply smile at in recognition, some we only remember when they’re gone. But all of them, and the routines we build around them, provide the sturdy framework of our lives.

Now imagine….they’re all gone. You never see anyone, because you never go out. The smiles, the chit chat, the small jokes and pithy insights exchanged about sports, politics, the weather…it’s all disappeared.

For many seniors, this is their new reality. Whether housebound because they no longer drive, or confined to a nursing or retirement facility, the rich tapestry of activities that make up their daily lives are gone. Instead, life is about a nurse bringing lunch, or the television schedule, or the ticking of the clock.

It doesn’t have to be this way. An in-home caregiver from a professional, certified agency doesn’t just provide safety and security. They can assist with the tasks of daily living, making sure their clients go out, experiencing the world around them. Life is once again rich and full, with things to see and talk about people who care about them. With an in-home caregiver, a senior can visit with their favorite supermarket check-out clerk, or see what new fashions are in the stores. After all, joy is in the little things. Surely all of us deserve to experience them for as long as we can.